Sunday, July 15, 2007

Summer Reading Material

From time to time, I will post some great reading material for those interested in "my type" of travel. I don't restrict myself to casual research--I'm all about the books and magazines too. I never claimed to not be obsessed, did I? ;)

My first post re: reading material is my absolute MUST HAVE (my subscription will NEVER run out)--Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel.

This magazine has everything I could want--real travel for real people with real budgets (both international and domestic), great hotels, airline help, upgrade tips, and of course lots of "fun stuff". Subscriptions are something like $12 a year, too, so it's a VERY minor investment. It is the ONE magazine that I read cover-to-cover each and every month.

Hook yourself up with a subscription at You won't be sorry--I promise!


janineb said...

my only mag subscription as well - MIL renews it every year. I love her that day :)

Ashley said...

I seriously can't get enough--I renew my subscription for 2 years at a time. ;) I don't think I'll EVER be without my Frommer's Budget Travel! :) :) :)