Saturday, July 14, 2007

Margarita Island...

Sounds like paradise, right? ;) Well, I'm pretty sure it is!

I discovered this little slice of paradise through Frommer's 2006 list of up and coming destinations. It's been on our radar as a trip possibility since that time, but we haven't made it happen yet. :( IT WILL THOUGH. ;)

Why haven't we made it happen? Well, I'm not going to lie--It's not an easy destination to get to from the US. No US carriers can fly point to point in Venezuela due to current international aviation laws (if you're bored and want to know why, google the word cabbotage), so you need to connect somewhere else, which isn't always easy. Your best options, however are Aruba or Caracas.

What is so appealing about this island, then?
Well, A) It's CHEAP. And I mean REALLY cheap. We're talking $100 USD a night to stay at a 5 star all-inclusive cheap! Due to the recent political instability on mainland Venezuela, the current exchange rate is something like $1USD is = to $2150 Bolivares.

B) It's beautiful. This little gem sits off the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean and still remains relatively unspoiled.

If you're interested in checking it out, I'd recommend going through a travel agent due to the complexity of getting there. I have no doubt, though, that it'll be a worthwhile and memorable adventure!

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MJ said...

Ashba, you could fly your own private plane in there one day, right? And take a few other fabulous couples? I trust that you could get us there and back :)...It's GORGEOUS!