Friday, July 4, 2008

Some aMUSEment for your 4th!

Recently, I discovered an amazing new travel site--TravelMuse. TravelMuse has so many features that it's hard to even begin to scratch the surface on all of the handy things here for the traveler. Since that would be impossible, I've chosen a few of my favorite features to share with you. Regardless of time constraints, go play with the website--you won't be disappointed!

The site is actually an online weekly magazine. Each week, you'll find a new cover section and theme. Since it's Independence Day weekend, this week's theme is "Historic America", and features articles on Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Rushmore, etc.

However, a unique and probably the coolest feature of TravelMuse is the "Inspiration Finder."

Here, you'll find a questionnaire. Just let TravelMuse know where you'd like to depart from, how many travelers there will be, what time of year you'd like to travel (or the specific dates you'd like to travel), the desired duration of your trip, your minimum hotel class, your desired budget per person, the type of trip you'd like to take (choose as many key words as you'd like) and your maximum flight time, and it'll come up with....

...this. Based on the information you provided, TravelMuse will recommend four locations. Within this screen, you'll find an estimated cost for the trip (as well as several package options) and how well each trip matches your keywords.

Cool, right? In addition to the "Inspiration Finder", TravelMuse also has some of the best free destination guides I've seen.

Be forewarned--this website is addicting. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Glad you like the site, and thanks for writing about it! Much appreciated.

Just also wanted to note that in addition to offering the Inspiration Finder and the online magazine and guide resources, we have a handy Travel Planner that makes it easy for users to keep track of their "inspired travel" plans and research, found on TravelMuse, or elsewhere on the Web.

Thanks again!
Donna (from TravelMuse)