Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jet Set Essentials

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Vitamin E Makeup Remover Wipes from LA Fresh. Package contains 6 individually-wrapped towelettes. Alcohol-free. $7.00
Dental Refresher finger mitts from LA Fresh. Package contains 6 individually-wrapped mitts. Each mitt is pre-moistened and leaves your teeth and mouth feeling fresh. $7.00

On The Go Kit from Urban Aid is the perfect quick fix for the little things that happens away from home. Includes mini emery board, 2 dental flossers, sewing kit, hair band, 2 adhesive bandages, and a stain treating towelette. Packaged in a metal tin. $10.00

Compact and convenient Anti-bacterial Paper Soap single-use soap sheets. Just add water to dissolve. Perfect when traveling for washing your hands and face. Contains 30 sheets. $6.00

Herban Essentials towelettes are made from pure essential oils, which makes them smell amazing, as well as naturally antibacterial and antiseptic. Can be used to reduce stress, insect repellent, remove makeup, and disinfect minor burns and scrapes. Mix of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus scents - individually packaged. $15.00

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