Saturday, February 2, 2008

Prop Heads, Unite!

What? Just me? Hmmmmm...Ok, well, I'm going to tell you about my excitement of the day anyway, because even if you aren't an aviation geek, it may be useful. :)

As you can tell from the previous post, we are (quite literally) gearing up for a trip to St. Lucia in less than one month! (::screaming with excitement!::)


If you're familiar with the Caribbean, you are certainly familiar with the driving culture there. It's occasionally--how do I say this gently-- a little on the scary side. Wellll....

If you need to get from Hewanorra airport in south St. Lucia to pretty much anywhere on the island, there is a much more fun way to do it. offers transfer service via chopper for about $120 pp, which is rather reasonable if you consider it a transfer/tour combined. You take a nice cruise over the island, while cutting your transfer time from about an hour and a half to about 10 minutes (to Castries).

I booked transfers as a Valentine's Day gift to my husband and my stomach knots with excitement every time I think about it! (I told you--aviation geek) I cannot WAIT!

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