Friday, February 1, 2008

St. Lucia Shopping Spree

Somone save me from my debit card!
(Stace, I apologize for the surfer chic heartattack I'm about to give you). ;)

Do I have a problem if this is the third color I purchased this dress in (see day before photos)?

This book is on the New York Times Best Seller list, and is about one man's search for the happiest place on Earth.

The first in the series of the Sand in My Bra books (I read More Sand in my Bra on the way to my honeymoon).

Travel tips for women. :)

Short stories written by some of the world's best female travel writers.

The basic black bikini.

Basic black flip-flops.

New rashguard for all the diving we are going to do (can't freaking wait!)

Cutie Patootie Sundress. :)


RACHEL said...

Don't feel guilty, Ash. I just ordered the new VS strapless bra-top dress in several different colors, too. Gotta love Vickie's!

Stacy said...

You are so friggin hilarious!! I was good until the Roxy shirt :) lol, I love the sundresses and the bathingsuit!! And the helicopters!I adore vacays where all you need are sundresses and flipper floppers. You are going to have so much fun and I am sooo jelly!!