Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Erin Go Bragh!

If you know what that phrase actually means, there is a good chance you are of Irish heritage like me. :) Growing up, besides American, of course, it was the culture and heritage that I identified most with (and was raised as such).

Because of this, I am DYING to go to Ireland. My fiance is on board, but his reasoning has more to do with the beer. ;) His favorite phrase is "Everyone's Irish on St. Patty's Day!" Um, no.. they're not, but you are welcome to drink beer with us. ;)

But, I digress--Ireland. We're dying to go. It will be in our near future. In the mean time, reasearch!

Check out this AMAZING hotel I found in Dublin. Truthfully, I wouldn't call it cheap. It wouldn't be so bad if I were earning and living on the Euro, but alas, I'm not. I earn and live on the S*itty American Dollar (dont even get me started!). Rates run about 250 euros a night. Take that times the current exchange rate of about 1.4, and yea--it's a little steep.

BUT, it's FABULOUS. And Dublin, itself, is fabulous! Anthony Bourdaine loves it--what more could a traveller ask for?

Check out these INCREDIBLE photos of the Dylan in Dublin.


Sarita said...

Wow that place looks incredible. Links? Don't forget I've got a full Ireland trip review on my blog (not hotels though as we stayed with friends....)

P.S. I LOVE my strong Euro!

Stacy said...

That hotel is beautiful!! I am irish also and non-irish folk and their pins on St. Patty's Day bother me at times...I think it depends on the person. Drink and be merry, but you are not irish :P Clearly, I haven't had my coffee yet. Hooking up the IV now.

Sarah said...

well...i love ireland and i love Anthony Bourdaine. guess i have to go here!!! :)

RACHEL said...

I am so passing this info along to Tara. She's wanting to have a DW in Ireland (when she gets engaged, that is) and this place looks amazing!