Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dear Carnival....

If you come up with a great past guest sale (and we know you will!), we'll put our deposit down and start packing our bags!

Sweet cruise alert!

I was poking around Carnival's website tonight, and came across this itinerary.

Fort Lauderdale-Colon, Panama-Limon, Costa Rica-Belize City, Belize-Fort Lauderdale

This unique 8 day cruise only runs twice in 2008. Once in January of 2008 and once in December of 2008 (into January of 2009). Since we were thinking about cruising over our Christmas break in 2008 anyway, we've got our eye on this baby.

Not only is the itinerary SUPER cool, but so is the ship! The literary-themed miracle is grand in both size and design. Truthfully, I couldn't find many pictures, but click here to go directly to the ship's virtual tour----->

Cabins start at $749 for the January '08 cruise and $999 for the December '08 cruise for 8 days! Not a bad price at all for high season, and with a cool itinerary like this, you can't go wrong!

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