Monday, July 16, 2007

Buenos dias, Buenos Aires!

"Back in the day" ::insert nostalgic music here:: as a spanish student in "Ms.B's" Spanish I, I had an obsession with seeing Agentina, and specifically Buenos Aires. You see, Ms. B was a native Argentinian, and she spoke of the great wealth and beauty of Buenos Aires--it was where Argentina's rich and famous lived and prospered, and it certainly sounded (and sounds) FABULOUS to me!

This, of course, was prior to the great fall of Argentina's economy. While very unfortunate for those who live there, from a travellers perspective, it wasn't a fall at all--it was a rise in affordability. Since the fall of the Argentinian Peso, Buenos Aires has become an extremely affordable South American destination! The current exchange rate is about 3:1 in our favor!

I recently went on the prowl for a great little hotel in Buenos Aires and came across this gem--The Hotel BoBo--Funny name, great hotel! This boutique hotel was named to Conde' Nest's 2005 Hot List and is currently ranked as the #1 hotel in Buenos Aires by TripAdvisor travellers.
As I mentioned, the exchange rate is DEFINATELY in our favor so you can snag a room at this luxury hotel for $150 USD per night! I don't want to make this TOO lengthy, but check out the website--the hotel is absolutely gorgeous--definately a steal!

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