Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Summer Reading!

I have another VERY cool blog to share with you. :)

This one is written by Christine, a 30-something married woman who had a successful career and a big home. That is, until her and her husband decided to sell everything they own and travel the world. Their plan is to make settlement in a new city every three months (which of course coincides with the maximum most countries will let you stay without a visa), all while he works remotely and she works as a freelance writer (she's fabulous at it, by the way). Their first settlement? Madrid.

One post that really struck home with me was
"8 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 22." No, I'm not 22, but I am going to be graduating from grad school in the next year and leaving the only life I've ever know--the life of a student.
I'm not going to lie--in the brief time I have had to read the blog (i haven't made it all the way through yet), it has sparked a wanderlust in me which is triggering thoughts like "Could I do that?" and "I wonder what I could do for work?" and "I could finally learn French!"...

I know, I know. I probably need to step away from the computer...

But I really don't want to. ;)