Sunday, May 18, 2008

And we're back :)

Ok, so not only am I a terrible blogger (sorry about the delay!), I'm a terrible terrible traveler and didn't take many photos on our trip to sin city. In fact, I only took a handful of photos (I do this every once in a while...and always regret it, but can't seem to force myself into the "photo groove"). ;)

My wonderful friend, Rachel , however, took enough photos for the both of us, so hopefully she won't mind if I share a few when she gets back from her weekend getaway. :)

Anyway, first things first (and because it is the only thing I have photos of), we'll discuss our hotel.

When booking this surprise trip for my wonderful husband in January, I knew that Vegas wasn't our "traditional" vacation style (as you may have noticed, we love the beach). With this in mind, I had a "go big or go home" mentality, as there was no guarantee we'd be back to Vegas. After a lot of research and consulting with Rachel & Jack, I selected the Wynn as our home for the weekend.

Overall, we had a great experience at the hotel. The service was great, the rooms were larger, and there was a lot of great food and shopping right in the hotel. Not much more we could ask for. :) The location, while at the end of the strip was still convenient to the strip, and even if we chose to grab a cab, it was relatively affordable to go end-to-end. :)

Would we stay again? Sure. Will we try something else next time (and yes, there will be a next time) we are in Vegas? Probably. While we loved it, there is no shortage of amazing hotels in Vegas, so, at this point, it doesn't have my full allegiance (though we have nothing to compare it to, so you never know what may happen after trying out a hotel or two).

The one and only photo we took together on our camera (as terrible as it may be).

The beautiful lobby of the Wynn.

One of my favorite parts of the Wynn decor were these beautiful mosaics all over the floor.

The infamous Wynn mini-bar. These beauties are weighted, so don't pick up the goodies unless you mean it. ;)

The art work and sitting area in our sizeable room.

The best part of our room--the floor to ceiling windows and the killer view that comes with them.

The decor in the Wynn was very Alice in Wonderland.

The beautiful Wynn waterfall which has free nightly light/water shows.

Coming soon: What we actually did in Vegas, and the great company we hung with in Vegas. :)

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Sarita said...

Wow that is a really pretty hotel! Glad you had yourself some fun!