Wednesday, March 12, 2008

St. Lucia Part 1

First up, the chopper ride to Castries. :)

I definitely recommend taking the helicopter one way, but only one way. It was great to see the island from the sky, and super convenient (12 minutes vs. a very windy hour and a half). I only recommend one way, though, if you are a first-timer because there is much to see on the drive. We did the chopper on the way in and the drive on the way out, which worked out really well for us. It allowed us to get to our resort quickly after a long day of travel, and allowed us to have daylight the whole way for the drive.

As an additional note, I’m a pilot and have a four-year degree in an aviation field of study, and can tell you that I felt the operation was very safe. Our pilot regularly used his checklists and followed all ATC instructions. I also found him to be highly professional and knowledgeable in the island.

Check out the aviation geek's gigantic grin!

So Flippin' Excited!

One of the many beautiful panorama's from the sky!

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Christy said...

Fun! I'd love to take a helicopter ride!