Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Resort

After arriving by Chopper at the Castries airport, we were picked up and transferred to Sandals Regency via dodge viper. Our driver was terrific, and the transfer was quick and easy. I actually think he provided more information in the 10 minutes we were in his car than we received anywhere else—super cool.

Upon reaching Sandals, we were immediately transferred up to the bluff to meet our Butler. Check-in took place in the room and was quick and painless. The room was beautiful and the view was killer. I believe it was the Romeo and Juliet one bedroom ocean-view suite.
The butler service was awkward at first, but works in your favor—especially when it comes to getting reservations at the restaurants (I think a concierge level room would work in much the same way). Every day, we had afternoon appetizers waiting for us, and it was nice to have someone to deal with cab drivers, etc for you.

The resort itself was GORGEOUS. The grounds were amazing and the pools were some of the best we’d seen. We actually felt that the food was pretty good—not as good as a cruise, in most cases, but really quite delicious. A few of the meals were above cruise-level—Kimonos, La Toc, and Gordan’s at the Grande. We ate at all of the restaurants except for Pavilion for dinner, and we had ZERO complaints—they were all great. Lunch and breakfast were served, either at Armando’s, or at the Pavilion (or of course in your room via room service), and both were delicious.

Service at the resort was great in the bluffs and good elsewhere. We heard many Canadians/Americans complaining, but it’s very important to remember that you are NOT in the US/Canada and not every country has the same culture we do. We actually really appreciate Caribbean culture and find we are much more relaxed when we are down there due to the slow pace of life. However, putting aside the fact that we prefer the slow pace of life, we didn’t find the service to be an inconvenience at all, and felt we were treated well at the resort.

Checking out the sunset from the bluffs.

The view off our balcony.

The bluffs pool,

The beach looking up towards the bluffs.

The Regency at dusk.

Regency tips coming soon. :)

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Courtney said...

Ahhh Butler service is amazing! I hope you'd do it again!
We were really awkward at first too. Then my brother in law started telling our butler that he had to come over every morning to put BIL's socks on!!
Suddenly we found work for the butler to keep him away!