Monday, January 14, 2008

Speaking of Bourdain..

He featured this very cool hotel on his show last night!

The owner, artist and designer, Lars Stroschen calls it a museum you can sleep in. He is not kidding, friends.

Each room in this incredible Berlin "hotel" (Stroschen commented that he only calls it a hotel because German law requires it since you can sleep there) is unique. I'm not going to lie--there are a few that are a little scary (think coffins and cages as beds), but there are some incredibly sexy, unique, beautiful, and even cozy rooms as well. Trust me--it's absolutely worth the 15 minutes of your time to peek at each room on the website.
To top it off, it is ridiculously affordable. Rooms range from 79 Euros to 190 Euros a night (with most of the lying in the lower range) and special rates can be had for midweek stays.

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