Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not THOSE arches...

Thanks to blogger's issues, I can't be sitting good with my 2 posts per week average New Years resolution, so I'm tossing out another one for tonight. :) (Another new post below)

Ladies and gentlemen, check out this adorableness! :) The Arches Boutique Hotel in Barbados.

This adorable, adults-only hotel would be an AMAZING location to hold a wedding (pacakages are very reasonable) due to the killer view and the incredible roof-top reception location, Cafe Luna.

If you're just looking for a getaway, you'll still get to enjoy the killer sunset views, the nearby championship golf, and the on-property yacht (yes, you read that correctly).

Rates start at $192 per night!



And I'm warning you--Expect to see lots of warm weather posts in the next few days. ;) It was a decent day here today, but over night, the weather is supposed to take a 50 degree 180, so I'm desperate for some sunshine in my life....1 month until we're on a plane to St. Lucia. :)

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