Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Look Ahead--2008 Will Surely Be Great!

Cheesy title aside, I am really looking forward to 2008. :) Read on if you'd like to learn a bit more. :)

January and February should be fabulously low key! We've had a busy few months and are looking forward to only having school and our marriage to focus on. :)

At the end of February/Early March, we're off to St. Lucia, where we'll spend 8 glorious days in Castries at Sandals Regency. We are really looking forward to diving like maniacs and enjoying the lushness of this stunning island!

In may, I'm planning my first race with my mom. :) The may timetable will mean that I can begin training immediately after our return for St. Lucia (instead of the mid march option which would have mean the peak of my training would have been in St. Lucia, which, lets face it--wouldn't have happened.)
Summer 2008 will bring with it a long weekend in Napa and San Francisco! We're beyond excited because we're going to get to spend some great QT in the California sunshine with our friends Rachel & Jack and Mike!
In Fall of 2008, its looking like I will be on the east coast with some friends for a girl trip. :) I'm excited to visit an east coast city I haven't made my way to yet! (Can you name the city?)
And finally, in December of 2008, my husband and I will be embarking on our anniversary adventure. Nothing is set in stone yet, but our current #1 pick is a cruise through Hawaii. I've been to Hawaii twice, but my husband has never been, so I'm excited to share "my" place with him!
As for my resolutions, I'm not a big resolution girl. In fact, this is probably the first year that I've actually set some resolutions, so I'm keeping it simple:

1) Run at least one race to completion with my mom (and hopefully more than one!)

2) Rid myself of toxic friendships.

3) Learn to use chopsticks.

4) Have my blogging average at 2 blogs/week by the end of the year (it's currently at .7).

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. :)

So, 2008 should bring no shortage of travel, no shortage of adventure, and no shortage of fun. It's our first full year of marriage, my second semester of grad school, my first year not being a solely fork-using girl, and my 25th year on this earth.

It should be fantastic. ;)


Mary M. said...

Good luck girl - you can do it! The "toxic friends" thing is tough- as you know, I just went through it, and it's hard. Much luck to you!

Carmen said...

Hey babe! Can't wait to hear all about your 08 events on your blog. Love that one of your resolution involves chopsticks! Hope that city was Baltimore for your trip in the Fall cuz I'll drive 2 hours to give you some tips!