Friday, August 10, 2007

We've officially moved...

to crazy town!

Let me tell you, though--life in crazy town can be a trip! ;)

It's that time for us--with a little over 3 months to go to the wedding, those last-minute details are definately creeping up on us. Add to that the fact that invites need to go out next week, the grad school admissions/aide process (I'm in! Woohoo!), helping my baby bro get his behind back to school (I'm so proud of him!), and the fact that I'm between laptops right now, I've been very MIA and I can't seem to stop my head from spinning with all of the things on the to-do list. Friends, if I'm not in crazy town, yet, I'm surely on my way!

Regardless, I apologize for the lack of entries lately. But, I am making a big promise to you--by monday, I promise a life post, a SCUBA post, a love post, AND a pursuit of the next great vacation post.

I'm dreaming big, folks.

See you then!


Courtney said...

Can't wait!!!

RACHEL said...

Come back from CrazyTown, lady! We miss you!

La Bela Vita said...

I think you should check this place out Ashley! Its very intriguing but kind of scary!!

A Real Librarian said...

WHOOT WHOOT!!! Congrats on grad school!! I wasn't worried about you, though, I knew you'd get in! =)