Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mile High, Virgin-style!

Get your minds out of the gutter!

I'm talking about the US's newest budget carrier, Virgin America. Given my aviation background, I've been following the saga surrounding Virgin getting its wings--lawsuits, domestic cabbotage, predatory airlines--all the makings of an aviation geek's soap opera!

Sir Richard Branson fought on, though, and VA has its wings!

What does this mean for you? Well, potentially a lot. Basic economics tells us that a new entrant into the market tends to drive competion, which lowers prices. Yes, please. The increased level of service provided by Virgin will likely impact the way other airlines treat you as well. Yes, sir--may I have another?. And, in the same respect, the gorgeous new equipment they're sporting promises to increase standards, as well. ::nodding profusely::. It's all-around great news for the American travelling public!

So, not only is it likely that the standards of American air service may rise in Virgin's markets and prices may go down, but it is a PIMP ride! Check it out!

Virgin has mood lighting! The lighting changes based on the time of day and is designed to promote relaxation.

What new budget carrier would be complete without in-flight entertainment! Your own personal screen includes dish network TV, 25 pay-per-view movies, 3000 mp3's for you to build your own playlist and listen too, and-check this out-an in-flight instant messaging system where you can IM anyone on board the aircraft! Your friends got seated away from you? No problem!

The first class cabin includes-get this-in chair massage systems!

Current promotions include San Francisco to NY, $149!!


La Bela Vita said...

Totally love it but wish it was flying in/out of Cleveland! BOO!

Rhonda said...

Oh wow...looks like a great way to fly!

RACHEL said...

Wow! That's pretty pimp for a budget airline! I so need t check it out!

A Real Librarian said...

Wow - that looks freakin awesome!! Keep up the good posting!!

Sarita said...

Just me here to tell you that even though you have a wedding to plan, school to attend and a fiancée and family of bunnies, some of us in Blogland miss our travel escapes! Come back to us, Ashley! (HUGS)

Christy said...

I wanna take a trip in this sweet ride!