Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Domestic Bliss

One thing "we" (and by we, I mean my one reader, my 500 imaginary readers, and myself) have not discussed yet is domestic travel. Domestic travel is often overlooked in lieu of exotic vacations elsewhere. I'm certainly guilty of this! But, dear reader(s), there is SO much American beauty to see and experience, and it's all just a car ride away!

First stop: The Oregon Coast. TALK about majestic, breathtaking beauty. In fact, most of Oregon is stunningly beautiful. It is certainly a must-visit, often overlooked all-American getaway!

If you don't believe me, check out these photos from the Stephanie Inn in Cannon Beach, Oregon. This quaint little town is amazing--old-time candy shops, great little bed & breakfasts, and tiny little family restaurants with great food! It's one of those places that you go to truly get away from it all and relax!

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MJ said...

WOW. this is definitely another option in leiu of Jamaica...or is it???