Sunday, July 22, 2007


That got your attention, didn't it? ;)

Napa Valley is an absolute MUST do for us. My sweet fiance' is a complete and utter wino, and has made it a requirement that I become one as well! So far, he has been sucessful in the transformation to white-white wino (is there such a thing?), but, despite his best efforts, the acquired taste of red wine just hasn't pleased my tastebuds yet. Somehow, though, he soldiers on and drinks any and all bottles of red wine all by himself--I just don't know how he manages. ;)

Regardless, Napa appeals to me for several reasons--A) It's gorgeous B) Wine and C) Hot Air Balloons (I'm a pilot--I will NOT be missing this!).

Anyway, I found a hotel in Napa that's relatively affordable and luxurious at the same time. The Vino Bello Resort is a condominium-style hotel located 7 miles outside of the city of Napa. The resort offers great ammenities such as a beautiful pool, kitchenettes, and FREE WINE. Need I say more. ;)

Seriously, though--there's something very regal, yet welcoming about this resort. Check it out! Rooms run about $250 a night.$ctxid=_1184714879729

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