Monday, July 2, 2007


If I had a dollar for every misconception out there about Carnival and cruising in general, I'd be cruising for a living. ;) Cruising is an extremely affordable and fun way to getaway for a short break! We have had a WONDERFUL time each and every time we've cruised, and although everyone has a friend of a friend of a friend who "had a bad experience with Carnival", absolutely NO ONE I know has had anything but a PERFECT experience--outstanding service, the largest cabins in the industry, and food that is consistantly ranked number 1 in the industry!

Which brings me back to our wedding. :) We are cruising on the Carnival Fascination out of Miami to the Bahamas. This particular cruise is PERFECT for a first-time cruiser (which most of our guests are) to get his or her toes wet--it's short, has a great schedule (Friday to Monday), extremely affordable (ranging from around $200-350, depending on the weekend you choose), and the ship was just completely refurbished and is looking absolutely POSH! :) Cruising is something I will likely discuss often on this blog, but to hold you over until then, here's an introduction to "our wedding ship."

Here she is in all her glory. The Fascination offers a 3-day Bahamas itinerary and a 4-day Western Caribbean Itinerary.

The kid's club--No adults allowed! (except for the care-takers, of course)

The internet cafe! It's INSANELY over-priced, but it looks great, no? ;)

The teen club! UBER posh!

Inside my heaven--the spa! It's overpriced, but they offer fantastic (and somewhat "normally" priced) port-day deals.

The art gallery.

The ship's bistro.

An outside room--featuring an LCD TV and the Carnival Comfort Bed. Trust me--it does NOT disappoint!

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